bgp2tex  -- Convert bagpipe scores in '.bgp' format to Bagpipe TeX.

Author: Paul Schuurmans (

Bgp2tex is a perl script that converts bagpipe tunes in the very easy
to write 'bgp' format to BagpipeTeX for typesetting.

'bgp' is the format used by Dr. Richard W. MacMillan's excellent
'Piob Mhor' program, please visit

BagpipeTeX is an extension to MusicTeX, which is an extension for TeX by
Walt Innes (

I hope to write some documentation in the near future.
For now: 
            "use the source, Luke...."

The latest version of bgp2tex is 0.6.2, which means it is not finished yet.
The major things missing are:

    - Not all embellishments are implemented yet. This will take a while as
      I am just a beginning piper and have to figure out the 'piping heuristics'
      used in the 'bgp' notation.
    - First/second times (bgp x, y and z) are ugly and work only at the start
      of a bar
    - Piob Mhor's pibroch bgp constructs
    - Note spacing should depend on note lengths for improved readability
    - Spacing is messy
    - A major code cleanup
    - Documentation.

Bgp2tex is used extensively with bagpipe.tex 1.57, but it also seems to work
with bagpipe.tex 2.03.
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