Mesa Consulting BV

Unix is an "old" operating system that - despite the numerous, slightly incompatible implementations (AIX, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, etc.) - has survived all the developments in the field of operating systems so far because of its stability and flexibility. With the big boom in Internet, both in the private and the commercial sectors, Unix is is experiencing a renewed interest.

MESA presents its UNIX experience to you in the following ways:

  • Consultancy
  • Implementation (conversion from legacy to client-server)
  • Internet Security (e.g. Firewalls)
  • Performance analysis
  • System reporting (management information)
  • Setting up and/or optimizing Unix environments
  • Setting up Internet Services (e.g. E-Mail, Usenet News, etc.)
  • Setting up World Wide Web environments: webservers,
  • Information structure and support software (CGI-scrips, statistics, etc.)
  • Development of systems programs

Support and training for system administrators and helpdesk staff or contracting for:

  • System administration of Unix / Internet environments
  • Helpdesk for Unix / Internet environments
  • Programming , Software development

Open Source information and support:

Frequently we hear from companies that they don't use Open Source software because it is not supported by a vendor. MESA has used this type of software for years, and we feel that in most cases the quality of this free software surpasses that of many commercial products. Therefore MESA offers a support service for Open Source software like Linux, GNU utilities and others. Now every company can discover the power of Open Source software through the help of MESA Consulting.