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Unix and Internet Consultant
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Nowadays I work for the company MESA Consulting which focuses on Unix and Internet services and programming tools and utilities for unix/linux environments (from big servers to small embedded devices).


Small utility to prety print an atag structure. Atag is a linx kernel feature used by for example embedded devices to pass hardware dependend information to the kernel. I created the tool when playing with the nokia n900 Maemo linux smartphone and trying to get it to run Android.
Convert TeX dvi file to ascii.
Monitor for AIX
Performance monitoring and logging tool voor AIX 3 and AIX 4.
print multiple text/postscipt pages on one sheet of paper (output in postscript).
A tool to convert to and from several dataformats. E.g. convert the output from the Unix date command to a julian date.
A tool to convert the binscii converted binary to ascii file back to binary files. Especcialy created to do such conversion on a non-apple ][ machine.
And many many more I did not mention here yet or fogot..
also have a look atMESA PD.


A short overview of my main projects: For a more comprehensive resume please sent me an email at


At home I use my Linux box a lot. I don't use any of the public distributions, but setup my own environment...
Currently it consist of 3 machines. One acts as a gateway to the Internet using ISDN dialup. It is just a plain old 486 machine. It also acts as a fax server and dialinserver.
The second machine is a print (laserjet and color deskjet) and fileserver (both NFS to serve other Unix machines and Samba to service the (hardly used) windows boxes). Fur fun it also contains a TV card that is used to get some useful teletext pages. This machine is a Pentium 200 MHz with SCSI. For MESA I've created a custum Linux setup (based on RedHat) that can be installed using NFS install. This machine holds the complete distribution on disk. Using a 100Mbit network it allows me to setup a Linux machine in less than half an hour.
The 3th machine is an Athlon 500 MHz SCSI machine with nice sound and TV again. This machine is used to play around and try new things.


After my study Electrical Engineering, Computer Science in Delft, I started to work for a company called Pink Elephant. The main projects involved performance measurement and analysis and capacity management, mainly in the IBM Mainframe MVS environment. A couple of years later I reentered the Unix world, the environment I was used to during college (well, I never actually left it as I used Unix a lot in my spare time...): supporting, managing Unix environments; implementing Unix environments; implementing management for Unix environments etc.

Marcel J.E. Mol
Phone: 015-3101310
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MESA Consulting
Networking and Unix Expertise
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phone: +31-6-54724868

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